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TokenLite - ICO/STO Token Sales Management Dashboard - ICO Admin Script


TokenLite is an application for manage your ICO/STO token sales. Softnio introducing new functional dashboard for managing your ICO Token Sale. TokenLite – ICO Token Sale Management Scripts is helps you to your contributor to purchasing your token and you can manage everything very easily.

TokenLite - is an completely functional platform that is secure, smart and easy-to-use. TokenLite used Laravel 5.7 - the most popular and secure PHP web framework. It also used jQuery, Bootstrap 4 and UI of TokenWiz.

Follow the installation guide

Check out changes log

NOTE: TokenLite used our TokenWiz interface, but keep in mind both are different as TokenWiz is a static HTML template and TokenLite fully functional script. You are not going to find everything that TokenWiz have in TokenLite.

Thanks for choose our functional scripts for your token sale.