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How to Change Branding

Well, you can easily update our application logo to your website logo which is affect automatically User/Client/Contributor end. But this will not affect to Admin panel we keep our brand indentity only Admin panel. If you need full-white label branding please contact our team.

Change Logo & Favicon

  • If you using latest version or above v1.0.5 version then all the branding related files are found in public/images folder.
  • In public/images folder have 4 images that related to logo as follow - logo.png, logo2x.png, logo-light2x.png, logo-light2x.png, which you need to replaced.

    Logo Dimension: 148x40px regular size & 296x80px for @2x size.
    2x images used in retina device, such as iphone, iphone, smart phone, mackbook etc.

  • Now create a favicon in .png format and replace it with public/images/favicon.png and create another favicon in .ico format replace it with public/images/favicon.ico

    PNG format size is 72x72px and ico format size is 48x48px.

  • Now update token symbol icon as follow - token-symbol.png, token-symbol-light.png in public/images folder & image size would 64x64px.

  • In user dashboard, you may need to update welcome.png image also.

  • If you want to change Login/Registration page left side background image, simply replace with a larger image called ath-gfx.png in public/images.

Change Color Theme

  • We included build-in pre-build color preset for dashboard. So from admin panel you can update which is found under Website Settings>Genaral Settings tabs.
  • If pre-build style does not match with your branding color, then manualy you can add your own code to over-ride color style. First you need to tick the checkbox 'Enable Custom Stylesheet' from Website Settings>Genaral Settings tabs. After that add own style code in custom.css file in public/css folder.

    Note: custom.css only affact to your user/client/investor area.

Caution: We do not recommend to edit the core stylesheet as if you do then you'll be lost in upgrade prodcess.