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How to Upgrade to New Version

Please always keep backup your current database & files before update to new version.
Otherwise you may lost your data. You should follow and keep in mind bellow points when you perform a update.

  • First keep backup whole site and database.
  • Download our latest package files from CodeCanyon and extract into your local computer.
  • On your SERVER, delete everything from `tokenlite_app` folder excerpt these folder `tokenlite_app/storage`, `tokenlite_app/bootstrap` and the file `tokenlite_app/.env`.
  • Now need to upload all the NEW files and folders from `tokenlite_app` folder excerpt these folder `tokenlite_app/storage`, `tokenlite_app/bootstrap` and the file `tokenlite_app/.env` into your SERVER.
    You may create zip file without above mentioned folder and file and upload into server for save time.
  • After that, you need to upload all the NEW files and folder under `public/assets` into your SERVER public or public_html `/assets` folder.
    If you are using lower than or v1.0.4 version and upgrade to version v1.0.5+, Please move all the brand related file into `public/images`.
    Please check out how to change Branding related files.
  • After above done & before start using the website again, please delete the cache files under these `tokenlite_app/bootstrap/cache`, `tokenlite_app/storage/framework/views`, `tokenlite_app/storage/framework/sessions` & `tokenlite_app/storage/framework/cache` folder.
  • Finally you have to login into admin panel and click 'Clear Cache', and check everything is working well or not.
  • Caution: You should keep in mind and follow each update foot note when you upgrade.
  • Note: If you already transalate then you need to re-update the translate file from `/resources/lang` folder.
  • If you have any question regarding upgrade, please feel free to contact our support team.