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TokenLite Changes Log.

Current Version

Version: v1.1.1 Updated: 16 July 2019

Caution: Update to Newer Version

Please always keep backup your current database & files before update to new version.
Otherwise you may lost your data. You should follow and keep in mind below points when you perform a update.

  • First keep backup whole site and database.
  • Download our latest package files from CodeCanyon and extract into your local computer.
  • On your SERVER, delete everything from `tokenlite_app` folder excerpt these folder `tokenlite_app/storage`, `tokenlite_app/bootstrap` and the file `tokenlite_app/.env`.
  • Now need to upload all the NEW files and folders from `tokenlite_app` folder excerpt these folder `tokenlite_app/storage`, `tokenlite_app/bootstrap` and the file `tokenlite_app/.env` into your SERVER.
    You may create zip file without above mentioned folder and file and upload into server for save time.
  • After that, you need to upload all the NEW files and folder under `public/assets` into your SERVER public or public_html `/assets` folder.
    If you are using lower than or v1.0.4 version and upgrade to version v1.0.5+, Please move all the brand related file into `public/images`.
    Please check out how to change Branding related files.
  • After above done & before start using the website again, please delete the cache files under these `tokenlite_app/bootstrap/cache`, `tokenlite_app/storage/framework/views`, `tokenlite_app/storage/framework/sessions` & `tokenlite_app/storage/framework/cache` folder.
  • Finally you have to login into admin panel and click 'Clear Cache', and check everything is working well or not.
  • Important: If you using older than v1.1.0 version of core application, and want to upgrade to latest version then you must follow this instruction.
  • Caution: You should keep in mind and follow each update foot note when you upgrade.
  • Note: If you already transalate then you need to re-update the translate file from `/resources/lang` folder and edit the configure file of `/config/icoapp.php to active language.
  • If you have any question regarding upgrade, please feel free to contact our support team.

Change Log

Version v1.1.1 - 07.16.2019

  • Added: 4 More New Fiat Currency (Canadian Dollar [CAD], Australian Dollar [AUD], Russian Ruble [RUB], Turkish Lira [TRY]) added into system.
  • Added: Add option in Referral bonus to define individual setting for who join and who invited.
  • Added: Receiving wallet address red info box show or not option added.
  • Added: Hide option added so you can simply hide receiving wallet address add area.
  • Added: New color preset (Watermelon Green) added for user panel.
  • Fixed: Wallet address disable issues in KYC application from.
  • Fixed: Raised/Total wrong amount in progress bar if choose other currency.
  • Fixed: Admin chart color issues if other theme choosed.
  • Update: Vendor packages of Laravel and core stylesheet updated.

Note: As this release added new currency so please re-save ICO/STO settings. Also don't forgot to review all the settings after upgrade to newer version.

Version v1.1.0 - 07.05.2019

  • Added: Advance search and filter option for Transactions, Users and KYC in Admin Panel.
  • Added: Introduced 6 New Crypto-Currency (Ripple [XRP], Stellar [XLM], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Binance Coin [BNB], Tether [USDT], TRON [TRX]) added into system.
  • Added: 6 Wallets Address added into Manual Wallet Payment module.
  • Added: Export Option (Transactions/Users/KYC) in CSV format from Admin Panel.
  • Added: Full Whitelabel Branding feature (automatic) who purchase Extended License.
  • Added: QR Code added when user going to purchase token (crypto payment only).
  • Added: Quick and Jump Pagination added into Transactions, Users and KYCs pages.
  • Added: New Design Layout option added for all Auth (login/registration) related page into Management>Website Settings>General Settings.
  • Added: Wallet address required or non-required option for transaction and network confim number added for each manual wallet payment.
  • Added: Receiving wallet option added into ICO/STO Settings (separated from KYC).
  • Added: System Information page (Management>System Info) add into Admin Panel.
  • Added: In registration page referral info showing option added in Referral Setting.
  • Added: One new color preset (Orange) added for user panel.
  • Added: KYC quick link added from User Lists page if KYC submitted.
  • Fixed: Public KYC application page accesss issues when admin login.
  • Fixed: Total Token number in billion number value saving issues.
  • Fixed: Huge numbers of transactions/users loading in single page issues.
  • Update: Softcap amount restrication removed in Stage settings.
  • Update: Admin navigation update for Transactions/KYC/User menu.
  • Update: Scripts/Product activation system activate and required.
  • Update: Vendor packages of Laravel and core stylesheet updated.
  • Removed: Old transation filter option removed from Admin Panel.

Must Update 'index.php'

If you using v1.0.6 or older version of application, then you must edit the `index.php` file from your public_html or public folder and add below line of code just after 'LARAVEL_START' line.


You must update otherwise '500 Internal Server' error happen.

Caution: This is one of major release as introduced lots of features. This version is required registration with envato purchase code to unlock application and admin features.

Keep in mind that, If you do not activate the application then you unable to do anything in admin panel.

Important: One Envato Purchase Code allowed to install or active one application. You have to purchase multiple times if you want multiple installation or use in multiple domain.

Note: As this release changes on wallet and currency feature so please re-save manual crypto wallet from payment settings, ICO/STO Settings. Don't forgot to review all the settings after upgrade to newer version and activate product with your purchase code.

Version v1.0.6 - 05.30.2019

  • Added: Exclusive Application Access API to retrive data from external site.
  • Added: Option added in ICO/STO Settings to control sales progress in token or currency.
  • Fixed: KYC Form single document selection issue.
  • Fixed: In sale countdown, full hour and minute issue.
  • Fixed: In Pricing Tier end datetime not saving correct value.
  • Fixed: In Stage timepicker format and on-change submit button issues.
  • Change: User input data sanitization to Prevent XSS Injection/Exploits.
  • Update: All the vendor packages of Laravel updated.

Note: As always review all the website settings after upgrade to newer version.

Version v1.0.5 - 05.23.2019

  • Fixed: User contributed 1k+ amount number issues fixed.
  • Fixed: KYC Settings all option data saving issues.
  • Fixed: Custom Stylesheet saving issues in admin panel.
  • Fixed: Sales Countdown hide after token sale expired or completed.
  • Fixed: Unable to add token manually in fiat currency issues.
  • Fixed: Received amount fixed when add token manually.
  • Fixed: Separated transaction details for bonus type transaction if admin added.
  • Added: 2 New Pre-build color preset added for dashboard (Red, Gold).
  • Added: Option added in ICO/Stage Settings to control decimal display for dashboard.
  • Change: Branding related files (logo, favicon, social) move to '/public/images' (Old path - '/public/assets/images').

Caution: In this version we moved all the branding files (eg. logo, favicon, social) to public/images folder. So you need to move your current logo, favicon etc, otherwise branding file will be missing.

Note: As always review all the website settings after upgrade to newer version.

Version v1.0.4 - 05.16.2019

  • Fixed: User contributed amount issues fixed & now only show what user contributed.
  • Fixed: Admin dashboard contributed amount fixed.
  • Fixed: Since last week data fixed in Admin dashboard.
  • Fixed: Referral/Bonus transaction wrong amount calculation.
  • Added: Two New Fiat Currency added into application (Euro & Pound)
  • Change: Login/2FA page updated footer & copyright info.
  • Change: Some blade file updated for remove html comment.

Version v1.0.3 - 05.11.2019

  • Fixed: Twitter link issue in social links.
  • Fixed: Conflict social link with language switcher on auth pages.
  • Added: Integrate full Referral tracking and Referral bonus system.
  • Added: Search option enable for Country selection in KYC application & profile page.
  • Added: View all transaction list from Users List in Admin panel.
  • Added: View last login activities by user from Users List in Admin panel.
  • Added: Filter by Payment Gateway in Transaction list page.
  • Added: Filter by Transaction Type in Transaction list page.
  • Added: Filter Option added in User Transaction list page.
  • Added: User search option add for manually add transaction.
  • Added: Account Holder Address add into Bank Payment Method.
  • Added: 2FA content added in language file for transalate.
  • Change: Admin navigation update for Transactions menu.
  • Change: All list pages (transaction/users etc) show 10 items per page.

Caution: This version required database migration for referral system work.

Note: As always review all the website settings after upgrade to newer version.

Version v1.0.2 - 29.04.2019

  • Fixed: KYC form validation issed when user try to upload document.
  • Fixed: KYC form supported wallet issues.
  • Fixed: Language switcher issues on login/register pages.
  • Fixed: Some styling issues for new payment option.
  • Fixed: Sales Start/End In countdown option issues in user area.
  • Added: 2FA Security Option for User/Admin via Google Athenticator.
  • Added: 2FA Reset Option from Admin panel for if a user lost their phone.
  • Added: New filter option added in User List (Has Token).
  • Added: Header/Footer Code option in Website Settings > Advanced tab.
  • Added: Admin Theme Option in Website Settings > Genaral Settings tab.
  • Added: Custom Stylesheet option for your personalize style.
  • Added: Separate the Manual Wallet and Bank Transfer in Payment Setting.
  • Added: PayPal Payment gateway added in Payment Method.
  • Added: Bank Address field added in Bank Transfer payment method.
  • Added: More social link added in Website Settings > Social Links.
  • Added: Control Social link option to show/hide in user area.
  • Change: Purchase Token process improve for user/contributor.
  • Change: Payment system changed to Module based for add more payment option in future.
  • Removed: Unrelated payment controller files from script.

Note: After upgrade to newer version, please re-save payment method & all the website settings tabs.

Version v1.0.1 - 14.04.2019

  • Fixed: White paper upload issue.
  • Fixed: Public KYC form and Admin Setting.
  • Fixed: Stage price & bonus validation.
  • Fixed: Responsive issues in Admin panel.
  • Added: Multi-language switcher in configure file (only supported on investor panel).
  • Added: Confirmation for active/inactive in stage.
  • Removed: Unwanted email template.

Initial Release v1.0 - 11.04.2019

  • Release TokenLite base scripts.